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Extracting LDAP Searches from Domain Controllers

That million dollar migration question. Who is talking to my Domain Controllers and what are they saying? These questions are critical when considering a logical Active Directory change to mitigate against service outages. It is inevitable that even after ensuring all LDAP binds are made to the domain DNS name, there will be static Distinguished…
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Active Directory Group Manager for Configuration Manager 2012

Ultimately it becomes a choice of trading deployment speed for system performance but with Group Manager it doesn't have to be this way... The Challenge:- The majority of our customers and the environments we work in, leverage an Active Directory Group based deployment method within Configuration Manager. Specifically this configuration consists of:- A Domain Local…
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WMI Error 0x80070721 when connecting through a trust

I recently assisted a client with a very specific WMI issue which was blocking access to a specific server across a domain / forest trust. During my investigation I found there was no suitably ranked article and so here is the issue outline and resolution. Key error codes:- Client:- KDC_ERR_S_PRINCIPAL_UNKNOWN - error 0x7 Client:- A…
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