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Add pop-ups to MIM / FIM Home Page and Navigation Bar Links

Welcome. MIM/FIM does not allow pop-ups for links which are specified in the Home Page and Navigation bar resources. This tutorial will guide an FIM/MIM administrator through the steps required to achieve this goal:- 1) Follow the tutorial for adding a custom JavaScript file here. 2) Modify the custom.js file and add the following function:-…
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Adding custom Javascript files to Microsoft Identity Manager

Welcome. This tutorial will guide a FIM/MIM administrator on the steps required to introduce a custom JavaScript file and dependency reference into the FIM/MIM default master page. You may be wondering why you might want to accomplish this goal. These include: Adding custom page on-load events Creating custom targets for Home Page and Navigation Bar…
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Writing Custom ForeFront Identity Manager Reports

Introduction:- I have had the opportunity to work with ForeFront Identity Manager for a long time and in all that time I have never had sufficient requirements to deploy the Systems Center Service Manager Data Warehouse integration. Specifically as the most common requirement is to do long-time archival of all requests for auditing and compliance,…
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