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Find Duplicate GUIDs in Active Directory

The code sample below will show machines that have duplicate GUIDs in Active Directory:- [codesyntax lang="powershell" title="Get-DuplicateGUIDs.ps1"] function IsDuplicateGUID { # Should expect 1 if no duplicate exists # Returns $true for a duplicate param([string]$ObjectGUID) $Count = Get-ADComputer -Filter 'ObjectGUID -eq $ObjectGUID' -Properties Name,ObjectGUID if($Count.Count -gt 1) {return $true} else {return $false} } $Computers =…
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Inventory Microsoft SQL Server Information with Configuration Manager 2012

Accurately inventory and report on Microsoft SQL Server Instances with SCCM 2012 It is ironic that Configuration Manager provides such basic inventory capabilities for products such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange. This solution addresses the limitations of attempting SQL Server inventory with the native inventory information available. Specifically this solution provides the following…
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