ExtnProv provider started with result code 0x80041013 extnprov.dll

I recently assisted a client with a very specific issue which was stopping the SCCM Console from loading.

During my investigation I found there was no suitably ranked article and so here is the issue outline and resolution.

Key error codes:-

  • In ‘Windows Logs\Application and Service Logs\Microsoft\Windows\WMI-Activity’ log you see event source WMI-Activity Event 5857 – ExtnProv provider started with result code 0x80041013 extnprov.dll


  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Configuration Manager 2012 R2


  • Opening the SCCM Console just hangs until the error page is shown.
  • Within the …\AdminConsole\AdminUILog (with verbose enabled) WMI errors are shown “unknown error”.


  • Permissions for the ….\Configuration Manager\Bin and Logs directory did not include BUILTIN\System (Blocks DLL and Logging Access)
  • AV Scanner was doing real time monitoring within the  SCCM Data folder (Slows and reduces WMI access performance)


  • Grant BUILTIN\SYSTEM full control permissions to BIN and LOGS directory within Configuration Manager.
  • Exclude the SCCM Data directory from AV Scanners.

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