Add pop-ups to MIM / FIM Home Page and Navigation Bar Links


MIM/FIM does not allow pop-ups for links which are specified in the Home Page and Navigation bar resources.

This tutorial will guide an FIM/MIM administrator through the steps required to achieve this goal:-

1) Follow the tutorial for adding a custom JavaScript file here.

2) Modify the custom.js file and add the following function:-

// Custom FIM/MIM Javascript Functions
// Pop Up Function
// Url = URL to be shown
// Param = See
function popitup(url,param) {
	newwindow =, 'name', param);
	if (window.focus) {newwindow.focus()}
	return false;

FIM Pop-Up 1

3) Edit a home page or navigation bar resource’s behaviour tab as shown below:-

Example: javascript:popitup(‘’, ‘width=400,height=400’)

FIM Pop-Up 3

4) Restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service on the FIM/MIM Portal Server.


5) Selecting the home page or navigation bar causes the url to be displayed in a pop-up.

FIM Pop-Up 4

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